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Why are good off-road tires important?

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Jake and I have been off-roading for a while now and we have tried a lot of kinds of off-road tires. Some would be less expensive but would not last as long. Some of the tires would puncture rather easily and others would resist all kinds of sharp objects. But what we learned was that having good off-road tires is very important for being safe and not getting stuck.

1. Good off-road tires play a big role in Safety


The most important part of having an awesome off-road experience is safety, and your tires play a big role in keeping you safe. Good tires grip the road and allow the vehicle to stop when you need to. Imagine driving off-road and all of a sudden, a cow jumps in front of you or there is a cliff you did not see after a turn, well that's when good grips save the day!

Control and Stability:

Especially when off-roading you want to have control and you want to be stable but to be able to have the traction needed to stay in control, you need good grip and old bald tires don't offer that. When Jake and I off-road, we usually go through trails that have twists and turns and uneven terrain that have breathtaking views but need that extra grip.

Puncture resistance:

When you choose your off-road tires, you want to have strong tires with multiple plies since you never know what will be on the ground. A sharp rock or nail can easily puncture your tire if it is not strong.

What are some consequences of worn-out UTV tires?

When your off-road tires are worn-out:

They have less traction. You might feel your tires spinning in place and when you are in the middle of going up a steep hill your heartbeat might start racing and not in a good way!

They also provide less stability. On uneven terrain, your vehicle might roll over if the tires don't have enough tread to stabilize the vehicle and this can cause major harm to the people in the vehicle or to the vehicle itself.

They are more prone to punctures and sidewalls because in general, worn-out tires are thinner, their internal structure is weaker, and they are harder and less flexible.

They also have more friction with the ground and generate more heat, weakening the internal structure and rubber.

During one of my first off-road adventures with fellow off-roaders, I learned how important it is to have good side-by-side tires. We know that the best way to learn anything in this life is when we experience it well let me tell you I was happy to learn this lesson without experiencing this myself but through someone else. This couple that was off-roading with us had a Can-Am X3 with worn-out tires. We all went up a hill, but they were not able to make it because of their bad tires. Luckily someone in the group had a winch and everyone helped them go up the hill. Poor them they felt so shy and bad that the day was slowed down because of them not having the proper tires. That day I learned 2 lessons, have good condition tires and the off-road community is helpful!

2. Durability and Value

Different terrain, different tires:

when choosing a tire, it is really important to know where you will be riding! There are a lot of different treads on different types of terrain and if you choose the right tire for your terrain your tire will last longer and will perform better.

Maintain your tires properly:

I live in the desert and in summer the sun is very strong so when I am done riding, I ensure that my tires are in the shade so that they last longer. Before going on an off-road adventure, I always take a look at the condition of my tires to be certain that I will not have to worry while in the middle of nowhere.

3. Performance

From handling and responsiveness to enhanced comfort, the performance tire will make your ride smoother and more enjoyable.

Benefits of investing in quality off-road tires

There are so many benefits of having good UTV tires that it is not worth postponing changing your tires to prevent accidents caused by bad tires or putting yourself in situations that would have been avoided with good side-by-side or ATV tires. Before hitting the trails, take a look at the condition of your tires, look at the treads and make sure that there are no punctures and that you have the right pressure in them.

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