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Always small, private
  and personalized guided off-roading!
Drive a UTV in the Mohave desert!

 OUI (we) Experience Laughlin

Experience the desert at your comfortable speed!

Explore the Mohave Desert in UTVs

What is there to do near Laughlin apart from gambling?

When you stay in Laughlin you have the chance to see all of the mountains and desert around you. Anywhere you look you see trails and can't help but wonder what it would be like to go explore those off-road trails. A really fun way to explore those trails is by choosing a UTV tour. After all, Laughlin is the paradise place for off-roaders. 

Why do people that stay in Laughlin choose OUI Experience?

A lot of people that stay in Laughlin want to explore the desert and everyone that chose OUI experience enjoyed the views not found anywhere else, it's private experience and the guided aspect to off-roading.

Do you have any experience in driving UTV's?

When you don't have any experience driving a UTV or if you have a lot of experience driving a UTV choosing a company that offers private experiences is the best. OUI Experience differentiates itself from all the other companies in Laughlin by offering private guided experiences so that you can enjoy your day of off-roading at your liking. And if you just want to sit and enjoy the views, OUI experience also has an option of riding with the guide.

Which experience is the best?

The Full House experience is the best for its length and the views this option offers

This private 4-hour experience includes:

3 hours of drive time (you drive the UTV),

1-hour at the water if you want to relax and swim (in summer), free pictures

and breathtaking views not found anywhere else.

If you are celebrating something special, we can personalize this experience for your special occasion!

What do you see when you choose the full house experience when off-roading? 

During the 3-hour drive time you will go

4000 feet up a mountain,

down to an old abandoned mine from the late 1800's

and down to the water where you can swim if you want to.

The best part of this experience is that it is a private day for only you! This way you can drive at your speed through 8 different terrains, enjoy the day at your liking and enjoy a day personalized just for you!

You will also see a lot of wildlife from free range cows to donkeys, jackrabbits and coyotes. 

How far is OUI Experience located from Laughlin?

Located 50 minutes from Laughlin, it is worth the drive because of its views not found anywhere else 

Why is OUI Experience different?

Guaranteed the best experience because we take one private group a day where everyone knows each other. 

The views are unique and breathtaking

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