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What happens to your speed when you change the size of your tires?

The speedometer accuracy changes when you change the size of your tires and here is a cool tool to calculate the difference. It is always good to know your real speed so that you avoid a speeding ticket.

Jake decided to change the tires on our Jeep from 275/65R17 to 315/75R17 and guess what happened?! Red and blue lights in my rereview mirror and unpleasant music in my ears... I taught to myself 59 in a 50-zone street is speeding but is it really worth a ticket? Well, the policemen came to me and said: ""Do you know why I stopped you?" I answered because I was going 59 in a 50-zone street!" He answered: " You were going 67!" "Oh yes, my husband just changed the tires on this Jeep, my speedometer said 59". I still got a ticket because 59 is still speeding. Lesson learned! The accuracy of the speedometer changes as you alter the size of your tires!! So here is a handy tool that I created to calculate the difference. It's always good to know your actual speed to avoid a speeding ticket.

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