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Hybrid Full House/
Desert experience

-Best of both worlds-

*Transportation to our location not offered*

90 minutes from Las Vegas

50 minutes from Laughlin

40 minutes from Kingman

$550 per UTV

(max 2 people in 1 UTV)

$225 Jeep riders age 13+

$100 Jeep riders 12 & under

This package is a combination of our Full House and Desert Experience packages.
Great for families that don't want to rent 2 UTVS, or if you have 2 people who just want to relax and see the sights and 2 people who want to drive, and for groups of 5 or more, as we are a small private company with two 2 seater UTVS. 

What is important to us is that everyone in your group is blown away and happy, so we created this experience to bridge the gap between driving and riding!

Looking for things to do with kids in Laughlin, Nevada?

We have you covered!

We offer this hybrid solution for families to help reduce the price of this experience so every family can experience this off-road adventure together while in Laughlin, Nevada. Usually 1 parent rides in the Jeep with one child while I drive, and the other parent is in the UTV with the other child, and they switch between the Jeep and UTV. One time though, we had a family who wanted to drive the 2 adults together in the UTV, so they sent both of their kids with me in the Jeep! (Kind of like a babysitter!)

What if 2 couples of friends come to Laughlin together, and 2 people want to drive, and 2 people don't want to?

We have you covered!

We offer this hybrid solution for groups that have 2 adventurous people, and 2 people who want to have a bit more comfort and relaxation while driving. My Jeep has special off-road suspension to help make the experience of anyone who rides with me smooth and comfortable, but still adventurous and exciting!

Or you have a group of 5 or more?

We still have you covered!

We offer this hybrid solution for groups of 5 or more, because we are a small, family-owned company, and our only goal is to help people create memories that last a lifetime. We have 2 two-seater UTVs, and up to 4 more people can ride in my Jeep with me, and everyone can switch out throughout the experience! This way, no one misses out on the adventure of a lifetime

This private 4-hour experience includes:

3 hours of drive time (you drive the UTV or ride time for people in the Jeep with Jake),

1-hour at the water if you want to relax and swim (in summer), free pictures

and breathtaking views not found anywhere else.

If you are celebrating something special, please let us know so that we can personalize this experience for your special occasion!


During the 3-hour drive time you will go

4000 feet up a mountain,

down to an old abandoned mine from the late 1800's

and down to the water where you can swim if you want to.

The best part of this experience is that it is a private day for only you! This way you can drive at your speed through 8 different terrains, enjoy the day at your liking and enjoy a day personalized just for you!


We are located 50 minutes from Laughlin, 45 minutes from Kingman and 90 minutes from Las Vegas and like everyone always tells us, it is worth the drive to us!

Read our trip advisors reviews!


Guaranteed the best experience because we take one private group a day where everyone knows each other. 

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