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Get ready for your Las Vegas UTV off-road adventure.

picture of a sign that says Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada
Welcome to Las Vegas sign


In this article

You found your destination, Las Vegas, you found your perfect activity, an off road tour with OUI Experience, now how do you get ready for your UTV tour? Do you need to bring safety gear? Can you wear open toed shoes? Everything will be explained in this article!

2 side by sides on top of a mountain with a Yucca tree
One of the terrains during OUI Experience off road experience

By the way, you are in for a treat because the landscape you will see with your tour guide Jake is absolutely stunning and, bonus, it will give you a different scenery than from the Las Vegas strip. Explore different terrain with your group away from the strip on this fun tour.

1. Riding a UTV: The Experience Unveiled

a back Can am maverick driving off road
Full house tour with OUI Experience

Have you ever ridden a UTV before? No? Don't worry it is pretty easy. Our guided tours are private days. We take 1 small group per tour so that we can give you all of our attention and help you.

3 ATV's racing off road
Off road in ATVs

Have you been on one of the Las Vegas ATV tours before? Ridding a side by side is a lot easier than riding an ATV.

desert with only sand
Desert dune

Have you ridden a UTV in the sand dunes or in the Valley of Fire (Fire State Park)? You will really enjoy our side by side experiences since you will explore more that 1 type of terrain. You will ride on mountains, baja areas, sand and exciting trails.

A. Setting the stage for an off-road adventure.

2 people sitting on a couch on top of the mountain looking at the Colorado River
Enjoying life on top of the Black Mountain

Our scenic and fun UTV tours in Las Vegas are pretty far from the Casinos and the crowds.

We are about 90 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, and we do not provide transportation, but it is worth leaving the Las Vegas area to discover the untouched Mojave Desert.

There are no other companies that operate where we are so you will not run into other groups, families or other vehicle like the Polaris RZR or a dune buggy.

B. Benefits of choosing a family-owned off-road adventure.

Jake holding Ani on his right shoulder.
Jake and Ani

We are a small family-owned business (My husband Jake and I) and we want you to have the most amazing time with your friends and families from all of the Las Vegas UTV tours available.

So, if you are able to rent a car (road rental) and willing to leave your Las Vegas hotel to explore the Mojave Desert with us, we will make sure that your trip is worth it with scenic trails, beautiful terrain and a fun time riding in an amazing vehicle.

C. Can you ride UTV in Las Vegas?

In Nevada, you cannot ride a Polaris RZR, a Can Am or a dune buggy on the roads (only on the off-road trails). In Arizona, on the other hand, we see people riding their buggy on the streets because it is legal.

2. Choosing Your UTV Las Vegas adventure

We have several different off road tours. During summer we offer a night tour because it is too hot during the day in the Mojave Desert.

two UTV's with under glows and light wips
Light up the night offered in summer only!

balloons in the sky with clouds
What are you celebrating

When you make your reservation, don't forget to let us know if you are celebrating something special because we love personalizing the day for your group events.

A. Exploring the different off-road options.

Our most popular tour is called the Full House Experience. You drive a UTV for 3 hours through scenic trails and 8 different terrain. You can also bring a lunch or a snack because we stop for up to 1 hour at the waterfront.

Our best price tour is called the One Hour Special where you drive a UTV across a mountain. It is not a long adventure, especially if you are coming from Las Vegas but it is an excellent choice if you want to visit the Grand Canyon or the Hoover Dam on the same day.

If you don't want to drive, we have our Mojave Desert Experience. It is for a maximum of 4 people. We go on the same trails as the Full House Experience but you will be riding in the Jeep. The prices for this experience is a little less than for the Full House Experience.

B. Deciding on the ideal off-road experience for your group: The Allure of a Private Day

Jake and I decided to do private guided tours and we love it because it gives us a chance to get to know you and personalize the day for you.

You are not mixed with people who want to go slower or faster than you.

If someone in another group rolls the UTV, your off road tour will not be canceled because of them. Don't worry! Every side by side has a roll cage and you have safety gear and driving Polaris RZRs or Can Ams are very safe. As long as you don't do donuts or drift your UTV you should not roll it. You can only have a fun time if you stay in control of your vehicle at all time.

Is this a safe activity?

It is a very safe activity as long as you are a responsible person! We had a 88 year old woman and a 92 year old man do our activity on two separate trips and they loved it!

C. Highlighting the factors to consider when making a choice

The decision of you tour time depends on if you want to do another activity on the same day. Of course, if you have a short stay in Las Vegas and want to drive to the Hoover Dam

or the Grand Canyon on the same day you should take the one hour off road experience.

How far of a drive is the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas?

Grand Canyon
Horseshoe Bend, Grand Canyon, Colorado River

From Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon West Rim it takes a little less than 2 hours and a half.

If you want to to do the one-hour special and the Grand Canyon your total drive time will be driving for a little more than 5 hours (plus the 1 hour off roading). We are a little more than 1 hour away from the Grand Canyon West Rim and if you want an unforgettable dinner you should definitely stop at the Grand Canyon Western Ranch.

3. Preparing for Your Adventure

A. Essential items to bring on your off-road excursion

We provide water and we take pictures that we offer free of charge but you should definitely bring snacks or a lunch, especially if you have kids or are on the longer adventures. We do not sell any food and there are no restaurants near us.

You should bring your valid driver's license as you need it to drive a side by side. You don't need a valid driver's license to ride.

B. Weather Preparedness: What do you wear on a Las Vegas ATV tour?

You should wear long pants, but if it is really warm in summer you can wear shorts but they should be at the knee level so that you don't burn your thighs on the warm seat.

The weather changes quickly in the desert so when getting ready for a side by side tour you should dress in layers. A wind breaker is always a good idea when it is windy or in winter.

4. Conclusion

A. Summary of the key points of preparation and planning

I hope that this article will give you a better idea of why an off roading with your family and friends is a good idea. Take a break from The Strip and book a tour when in Las Vegas where you can ride in the Mojave Desert. Bring food and enough clothing not to be cold especially in winter. Most of the Las Vegas tours offer water. Choose the right length adventure for your group and if you don't have a lot of days in Las Vegas choose an ATV tour that is near the Las Vegas Strip. If you have enough time come and off road with us, the scenery, the private experience and Jake as your guide is worth the distance!

B. Have a fantastic off-road adventure in Las Vegas

If you choose a Las Vegas ATV tour in sand dunes or a tour in the Las Vegas Valley or if you choose to go further from Las Vegas and do a tour with us, OUI Experience, the important thing is that you live an experience that will last you forever. So, take the time to go out of The Strip, book the tour that is the best for your situation and Enjoy Life.

To learn more about the booking process please contact us


Contact OUI Experience now to start your journey or follow us on social media for the latest updates and inspiration:

Ani and Jake faces
Ani and Jake

"The dirtiest fun you can have with your clothes on at any age!"

Ani and Jake Benz

Oui Experience LLC


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