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Friends in Pub

Desert Corks and Cocktails
(Booze cruise from Laughlin)

-the 21+ experience-

$197. 50 per person when you are 4 or more.

For groups of less than 4, the total price is $790 for your group.

When you visit a new destination do you enjoy touring around and discovering local products? Do you like hearing the local perspective on how they grow vines in the middle of the desert or how the rum is distilled? If so, then this tour is a great choice for you! 

Kingman's Hidden Treasures:

Visit the Best Distillery, Brewery, and Winery

​Here's what's on the menu for you:

  • Begin your journey with a

  • ward winning rums, vodka, and whiskey at D3 Distillery, and learn the secrets behind their delicious spirits!

  • Your next stop is the award-winning winery, Cella Winery, for  wines made from desert grapes amid the beautiful desert scenery!

  • Top off your glass and this trip at Rickety Cricket Brewing with award-winning and flavorful beers, and pizza or burgers!

What makes this experience special?

  • A Taste of the Desert: from our desert grapes to Agave and everything in between, this experience gives you a taste of our desert

  • Expert Guided Tour: your guide Jake will make this a one-of-a-kind adventure you have never experienced during any vacation

  • Sip and Socialize: This experience is a perfect way to bond over shared tastes and create memorable moments. It's ideal for groups of four or more, but we welcome smaller groups as well if you are willing to pay for 4 people.

  • Private Group Day: Our "Desert Corks and Cocktails" experience is an exclusive private day crafted just for your group.

  • No Need for Sober Cab: Stand out from the rest with the advantages of this adventure that everyone in your group can participate in! Taste the unique flavors without worrying about who will be the designated driver or the need for a sober cab which means you can partake to your heart's content with no risk of a DWI!

The Details

  • Pick-Up: We will pick you up from Laughlin, Bullhead City, or Kingman in a comfortable 15-passenger van if you're in a larger group or a Jeep Wrangler if your group is four or less.

  • What is included: Transportation, the tasting at the 3 different stops. The tour of the distillery and the lunch or dinner at the brewery.

  • Availability: If you want Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, please contact us as these are special request days that must be confirmed with our partners. For groups of 9 or more, please call us to book!

  • Joyful Laughter: smiles, story sharing, and celebrating life together. Life is too short to miss out on unique experiences. "Desert Corks and Cocktails" promises an adventure you'll never regret.

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