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Las Vegas

Things to do in Las Vegas in October 2023

The weather in October is the best especially if you want to do outdoor activities like Off-roading in the middle of the desert

The best time to Visit Las Vegas is in October!

Why is October the best time to visit Las Vegas?

What is the weather like?

Halloween in Vegas

October is the best time to visit Las Vegas because there are less people on The Strip, hotel rooms are less expensive (especially from Sunday to Thursday) and the weather is amazing!!!

In fall, the highs are in the low 80s Fahrenheit. This is the perfect temperature to walk on The Strip, hike, eat on a terrace, and get out in the desert for Off-roading adventures!

This year, celebrate halloween in Las Vegas with all the costume balls and the haunted houses around the strip and Freemont street,

3 best things to in Las Vegas in October 2023

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