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Full House Experience ($550 eGift Card for price of $495)

Drive a UTV in this 4 hour experience. Usually $550 per 2-seater UTV but with eGift Card $495 (price for 2 people)

Transportation to our location not offered

90 minutes from Las Vegas

50 minutes from Laughlin

40 minutes from Kingman

Looking to experience breathtaking scenery that no one else in Las Vegas or Laughlin can even access but don't have the whole day??? Then this tour is a great travel option for you. We will take care of the planning, all you have to do is open your mind to a new experience.

This is a PRIVATE EXPERIENCE with FREE PHOTOS and 3 hours of you driving the UTV!

 Come share our love of the Mohave Desert, the Colorado River, and several abandoned mines around Katherine Mine. You will be taken up into a mountain range at over 4,500 ft for views not found anywhere else in Las Vegas. Don't forget swimsuits to cool off!

  • We take the photos for you and provide them free of charge

  • Drive your own UTV for 3 hours at your own comfortable speed that the trails allow

  • PRIVATE EXPERIENCE! We shut down the business just for your group

  • We customize this tour to celebrate any special event you may be celebrating!

This private 4-hour experience includes:

3 hours of drive time (you drive the UTV),

1-hour at the water if you want to relax and swim (in summer), free pictures

and breathtaking views not found anywhere else.

If you are celebrating something special, please let us know so that we can personalize this experience for your special occasion!


During the 3-hour drive time, you will go

4000 feet up a mountain,

down to an old abandoned mine from the late 1800's

and down to the water where you can swim if you want to.

The best part of this experience is that it is a private day for only you! This way you can drive at your speed through 8 different terrains, enjoy the day at your liking, and enjoy a day personalized just for you!


We are located 50 minutes from Laughlin, 45 minutes from Kingman, and 90 minutes from Las Vegas and like everyone always tells us, it is worth the drive to us!

Read our trip advisors reviews!


Guaranteed the best experience because we take one private group a day where everyone knows each other. 

If you want to offer this eGift card, you should purchase the $550 eGift Card at $495 (10% off until December 25th, 2023).

Choose the $550 eGift Card


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