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LED Whips and Rock lights make our Night experience shine bright!

Light up the Night!

-Night experience-

$250 per UTV (up to 2 people in 1 UTV)

$99 to ride in a Jeep

*Transportation to our location not offered*

90 minutes from Las Vegas

50 minutes from Laughlin

40 minutes from Kingman

This is a PRIVATE SMALL group night.  You will be taken up into a mountain range at over 4,000 ft for views not found anywhere else. This is the most fun off-roading you can have at night.

  • Drive a UTV for 1 hour with lit up underglow and LED whips, or ride in a lit up UTV or lit up Jeep wrangler

  • PRIVATE EXPERIENCE! We shut down the business just for your group!

Check out our off road drive-in movie theater!
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