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Different Off-roading Experiences

Adventure Awaits

Imagine being in the desert with only the ones you love... you hear laughter, you feel the salty dust and you smell the different aromas of the desert. All of a sudden you see a donkey as you are going 4000 feet up a mountain and then your heart stops... you can't believe what your eyes are seeing, the stunning Lake Mohave. Snap out of your busy life, feed your soul, and come to life where the immensity of the desert makes you realize what it means to be free and alive.

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Full House

3-hours of you driving UTV's

$550 / 2 seater UTV


1-hour experience

1-hour of you driving the UTV's

$250 / 2 seater UTV

Drinking Wine

Desert Corks and cocktails

Tasting amazing rum, wine, beer and dinner. 

$196.50 / person


Drive UTV's with lunch and pirate treasure hunt

$635 for 2 adults 1 child


Tasting amazing rum, wine, beer and dinner. 

$196.50 / person


1-hour of you driving the UTV and drive in movie

starting at $50 / person

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