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Las Vegas

Things to do in Las Vegas in May 2023

The weather in May is the best especially if you want to do outdoor activities like Off-roading in the middle of the desert!

The best time to Visit Las Vegas is in May!

Why is May the best time to visit Las Vegas?

May is the best time to visit Las Vegas because there is so much going on on The Strip, hotel rooms are less expensive (especially from Sunday to Thursday) and the weather is amazing!!! Pools are now open!!!

What is the weather like?

In May, the highs are in the 90s Fahrenheit. Things are just starting to get hot and spicy now, so its a great temperature to walk on The Strip, hike, eat on a terrace, and get out in the desert for Off-roading adventures!

3 best things to in Las Vegas in May 2023

Want to go off-roading? Why choose the Full house experience with OUI Experience? 

Are you staying in Las Vegas for more than 2 day?

After a couple of days in Las Vegas you will probably need a break from all the people and noise. A really fun option is to rent a car and drive to the Mojave desert. An even more enjoyable way to discover the Mojave desert is by UTV's. 

Do you have any experience in driving UTV's?

When you don't have any experience driving a UTV or if you have a lot of experience driving a UTV choosing a company that offers private experiences is the best. That is why OUI Experience differentiates itself from all the other companies in Las Vegas, it only offers Private experiences so that you can enjoy your day of off-roading at your liking.


Which experience is the best?

The Full House experience is the best for its length and the views this option offers

This private 4-hour experience includes:

3 hours of drive time (you drive the UTV),

1-hour at the water if you want to relax and swim (in summer), free pictures

and breathtaking views not found anywhere else.

If you are celebrating something special, please, we can personalize this experience for your special occasion!

What do you see when you choose the full house experience when off-roading? 

During the 3-hour drive time you will go

4000 feet up a mountain,

down to an old abandoned mine from the late 1800's

and down to the water where you can swim if you want to.

The best part of this experience is that it is a private day for only you! This way you can drive at your speed through 8 different terrains, enjoy the day at your liking and enjoy a day personalized just for you!

You will also see a lot of wildlife from free range cows to donkeys, jackrabbits and coyotes. 



How far is OUI Experience located from Las Vegas?

Located 90 minutes from Las Vegas you will drive through the hoover Dam so you can plan to stop there on your way back from off-roading. It is worth the drive because of its views not found anywhere else 

Why is OUI Experience different?

Guaranteed the best experience because we take one private group a day where everyone knows each other. 

The views are unique and breathtaking

Read our trip advisors reviews!

Just the 2 of us guarantee you get the best possible experience every time!

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