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 OUI (we) Experience Bullhead city

Welcome to OUI Experience, your ticket to seeing all of the wonders that the desert and the colorado river has to offer!

UTV Experiences

Colorado cactus float

Open all year!

Operating season: April to September

Private group experiences from 1 to 8 people!

Imagine being in the desert with only the ones you love... you hear laughter, you feel the salty dust and you smell the different aromas of the desert. All of a sudden you see a donkey as you are going 4000 feet up a mountain and then your heart stops... you can't believe what your eyes are seeing, the stunning Lake Mohave. Snap out of your busy life, feed your soul, and come to life where the immensity of the desert makes you realize what it means to be free and alive.

Imagine relaxing on a River Tube, floating down the Colorado River, but you are in the middle of the desert!


Come float with friends and family, or come meet new people as we kick back, relax, and enjoy refreshments from our FLOATING CACTUSES!

No matter the occasion, the Colorado Cactus Float will be here to help you relax like an ACE!

Feel free to take a dip and cool off in the water!

Explore Lake Mohave in UTV's

$150 per person

duration: 3 hours

minimum 2 people

Explore the Colorado river in Tubes

$40 per person

duration: 3 hours

minimum 2 people

Call us to reserve: 763-218-8422

Email us to reserve:

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